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Vaccinate for Lepto

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that is spread through the urine of wildlife and livestock. It affects the kidneys and can be fatal to both dogs and humans. This disease is becoming more prevalent in Florida and can be prevented by vaccinating.

Bark For A Cause

Join us in supporting "Bark for a Cause" through the Susan G. Komen Foundation and American Cancer Society. Pink or blue ribbon "Bark for a Cause" collars and key chains are now sold.


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The Brooksville Bark Meow

When was the last time your cat had an examination? I have been noticing an unfortunate trend in which we are not seeing our feline friends as often as we should. Cats are important members of our family and should be treated as such!


We all know that the last thing a cat wants to do is come to a veterinary clinic.

These visits can be stressful for both cats and owners - the carrier, the car ride, the needles... and what if there is a scary dog in the waiting room??? Did you know that there are many things we can do to minimize the stress? We can schedule your cat's appointments at a slower time of day. We can have you placed immediately in a quiet exam room and checked out in the exam room, avoiding the waiting room all together. Most of your cat's exam and vaccines can be done in the bottom half of the carrier to avoid the cold table. We offer 3 year vaccines - less needles and less vaccines over the course of your cat's life. Speaking of feline vaccines, we use Merial vaccines. These vaccines are nonadjuvanted, meaning they give your cat the same protection, but with much less chance of a reaction. Only the best for our feline patients!


Besides those diseases that are prevented with vaccination, there are many other feline diseases that can be prevented as well. Did you know that cats (even indoor cats) can get heartworm disease? The American Heartworm Society recommends monthly prevention for all cats. Here in Florida, we also see many cases of flea infestations, flea allergy dermatitis, and other flea related diseases, even in indoor cats. All cats should be on a good monthly flea prevention. Did you know that there are diets to help prevent lower urinary tract disease (a very common disease of cats), including indoor cats? Notice a pattern? Indoor cats need to come to the vet too! ;)


Cats, in general, are terrible at telling us when there is a problem. Sometimes an astute owner will pick up on their subtleties, but many times, an examination, or even blood work or x-rays, are needed. There are many diseases that may not be preventable, but can still be treated if detected early. I have noticed a trend in many owners not bringing in their senior cats as often as they should. These cats should be coming in more often, not less! We tend to think when an older cat is slowing down, or becoming a pickier eater, or occasionally vomiting, or losing a little weight, or becoming a little more "grouchy," he or she is just getting "old." Sometimes these signs can actually be an indication of something more serious. We have diets designed to help cats with renal and hepatic disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and more. If your cat has a condition that requires medication, we can have it compounded into formulations that are easier to administrate. We are very good at treating arthritis and degenerative joint disease in dogs, but what about our cats? Many older cats have arthritis that needs treated as well. We need to be giving our senior cats the best quality of life that we can. They are our family members, and they deserve it!


We recommend examinations at least once a year for ALL of our feline patients (whether they are due for vaccinations or not). Some cats may require more frequent examinations, especially as they age. If you are thinking that it has been too long since we have seen your cat, call today for a low stress appointment! Hope to see you soon!


- Dr. Miller


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